About Al Canary

Al Canary Electrical & Sanitary L.L.C. was started in January 1989 and has developed an established and recognized position in Dubai. The company was established with the mission of helping people to adapt with the needs of changing world. We serve our customers with a focus on providing value combined with high levels of service, quality and integrity and is managed by a high quality team of professionals with vast experience in each of its service offerings, thereby providing our customers with the benefit of experience, knowledge and ideas to enhance their competitiveness in the market place.

During the history of Al Canary a broad foundation has been laid that guarantees customer satisfaction. We make sure that we are a reliable service partner and also cost effective. This fundamentals has also been determined the success of Al Canary who secured a niche among other professionals in this field.

Al Canary Electrical & Sanitary L.L.C. has a vision to be a leader in world class electrical installation works, especially in street lighting and traffic signal systems. We have established a healthy approach on the basis of workmanship, business activities and technological services. 

Our team comprises of unique blend of project veterans and young professionals. Our people work together seamlessly to deliver benefits for our clients. With our application knowledge and local expertise, we offer products, solutions and services that allow our clients to improve their operations. Sustainability is an integral to all aspects of our Company.

In addition to the fact that we have a great deal of technical knowledge, we are also very aware of our customer’s requirements. Meticulous procedures, quality control, quick service and competitive prices make Al Canary an attractive partner for both individuals and companies.

Dewa Enrolment for Electrical Works

Al Canary is enrolled in M/s/ Dubai Electricity & Water Authority for the following activities as electrical contractor for LV Installations.

  • Application for the supply of Electricity & Water Services.
  • Building NOC e-Services.
  • LV Inspection & Release of Supply e- Services.
  • LV Shop Drawing Approval e-Services.
  • E-Payment Estimate Services.

RTA Enrolment for Street lighting and Traffic signal system

we have been listed in M/S RTA's approved least of qualified contractors for design execution and compensation of street lighting and other infra-structure projects.


Our Core Values

  • Hard work and client satisfaction is our motto.
  • Learning is an active process. We always keep upgrading with the latest technology.
  • We strive to create solutions to customer needs in the most economical and feasible way




  • We continuously drive for improvements in all that we do.
    • We agree to deadlines and work to achieve them.
  • We actively approach our customers to offer best solutions.
  • We strive to achieve financial success to allow investment in our futures. 


Our Clients

Quality Policy

We Al Canary gives services with quality process, we follow the two principles “ fit for purpose “ and “ right first time”. QA includes ensuring the Quality of materials and products, assemblies and components, in services and inspection we realize that quality is determined by indented users, clients.

Why Us

Al Canary is owned and managed by its founders and current shareholders, giving stability and optimal motivation. Dividend policy is governed by the wish to keep a stable financial position.

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